How to Maintain Sobriety After You Leave Rehab

When you leave rehab after addiction treatment, the real challenge begins. You’re now back in the real world with real people and real life situations. It’s a far cry from what you encountered while in rehab. There will no doubt be struggles ahead but you can overcome them all if you know how.

A few things that can better help maintain sobriety after you are out of rehab:

·    Find new friends. This is a big one, but important. You cannot hang out with people who get high or participate in behaviors that are detrimental to your well-being and expect a different outcome.

·    Find hobbies. We all need to do things that make us happy. The more you concentrate on hobbies, the less time there is to concentrate on drugs or nothing negative in your life.

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·    Do not think that you are free and clear after leaving the behavioral health facility in benton, ar. Get help from a sponsor, go to therapy and meetings, and continue striving for success to stay clean for long term success.

·    Give yourself a pat on the back. There are going to  be hard days but when you think about all that you have accomplished and how much easier life is now that you are clean, it is easier to stay that way. You’ve done great things, don’t be afraid to reward yourself.

·    Know your triggers and take special care to avoid them at all costs. No matter how that feels or looks to others, you know yourself best and what you can and cannot handle. Do not mess up your recovery because of this.

·    Know the signs of relapse and take action if you feel yourself slipping back into the hole of addiction. Talk to your sponsor, family, friends, or others if this is happening to you.