What Does Total Knee Surgery Or Replacement Entail?

Knee replacement is also known clinically as knee arthroplasty. Of course, it is also known as total knee replacement. This of course entails a surgical procedure that is designed to resurface a knee that could have been damaged by arthritis. It is also given due consideration for those who have endured a serious knee injury. The surgeons are utilising metal as well as plastic components to cap ends of bones that make up the knee joint alongside of the kneecap.

There are different kinds of arthritis that could affect the knee joint. Osteoarthritis is particularly degenerative. It is a disease of the joints that would affect mostly people of middle and senior age. What happens when this disease enters the knee joints is that joint cartilage starts to break down. Adjacent bones in the knees are also susceptible to breakdowns. Rheumatoid arthritis causes inflammation of the synovial membrane.

total knee

The excessive build-up of this synovial fluid could lead to stiffness and pain. But traumatic arthritis is mainly caused through injury. In knee replacement surgery, the object of the exercise is to resurface parts of the knee joint that have been damaged. Knee pain, on the other hand also needs to be replaced. This is something that ultimately cannot be controlled through the use of other treatments. Most joints in the knee would be mobile.

The mobility of the knee joints allows its bones to move. The knee is basically composed by two long leg bones that are held together by muscles, tendons and ligaments. And each end of the bone will be covered by a layer of cartilage that absorbs shock and protects the knee. So, at a relatively young age, any pain in the knee should not be dismissed.